Why You Should Be Playing The Dragon Ball Super Card Game

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game is one of the fastest growing card games of the market right now, so it’s no surprised that most sets are selling out and competitive play is increasing year by year. So why is there all this hype round another trading card game? Well it comes down to a couple of things.

Fundamentally it’s a really simple game to understand, you use your battle cards and increase their power to fight your opponent’s cards & reduce their life to zero but once you start to really get involved you realise how many layers this game has and the complex strategies and decks that are out there to play. So, it’s very appealing to new players who want to start something new but once you really start to understand how the game works its extremely good for veteran card players who are looking for something different.

Also, ITS DRAGON BALL, Since the 80s Goku and his friends have been dominating pop culture with books, games, movies and everything you can slap a sticker on. For a lot of players this game brings back a lot of memoirs of watching The Cell Games or sitting around playing Budokai Tenkaichi 3 on PS2, but this isn’t enough to sustain a card game. The game itself need to be fun and playable and we have seen other Dragon Ball Card Games not nearly reach the success that this game has had in 3 years since it was released. So, it’s clear to see after the successful and popularity of this game that its here to stay!

So whether you are a veteran card player and want to try something different or if you are just a long time Dragon Ball fan and want to make play a deck full of The Ginyu Force then I recommend coming into Big Dog Books and speaking to Shop Dog Andy who looks after everything to do with The Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

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“Getting Started With The Dragon Ball Super Card Game”