Theros Beyond Death: Booster League

We’re bringing back the booster league for the Theros: Beyond Death season!

Alongside Drafts at FNM and Saturday Showdown we’ll be running a Booster League Challenge throught the Theros Standard Season. This is a great and fun way to build your card collection for this set!

League Setup

Deck Building

  • £15 for your first 3 boosters + a deck box
  • Your Booster League Deck stays in the shop along with all the boosters you buy for it
  • Play as many games as you can with it at FNM / Saturday Showdown
  • Wins get recorded each week: no more than 1 win versus each opponent in each stage
  • Boosters can be added over each 2-week Stage
  • Basic Lands available from Big Dog Books
  • Only cards from Theros: Beyond Death boosters can be included in the deck
  • Deck Size is 40 cards for Stages 1-3, then 60 cards for Stages 4-6



Week Start

Week Ending


Deck Size


17th Jan 30th Jan 3 Boosters + up to 3 more 40


31st Jan 13th Feb Up to 3 Boosters



14th Feb 27th Feb Up to 3 Boosters



28th Feb 12th Mar Up to 3 Boosters



13th Mar 26th Mar Up to 3 Boosters


6 27th Mar 9th April Up to 3 Boosters


Prizes will be awarded at the end of the League for overall placement and also for number of games played – the top prize is a whole box of boosters!