Stalk the Streets of Arkham!

Something has awoken….and it stalks the inhabitants of Arkham, Massachusetts…

From the twisted imagination of H.P Lovecraft comes Arkham Horror: LCG! Oh, and that’s not a spelling error – LCG stands for ‘Living Card Game’ – a format developed by Fantasy Flight Games to ensure that this game lives for far longer than your typical board game! This means that each time you play the game you gain EXP, items, additional characters, and other interesting goodies! Once you have completed the missions within the box there exists a plethora of additional missions you can purchase to further challenge your group!

Battle through three missions with your customisable team, hoping that you can defeat the eon’s old daemon spawn before your feeble mind snaps, leaving you a quivering pile of human-shaped jelly…

If you good folks haven’t tried this game, then you absolutely need to. For any fans of Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder there is a legitimate element of role play to this game, for those who prefer deck builder games, such as Dice Masters or DC Deck Builder, there is an element of deck building to this game that exhibits a depth unfamiliar in many lesser board games

  • Took too much damage in the past mission? Add a bulletproof vest to your deck
  • Need help facing the demons from the last game? Reach for a rosary
  • Feeling lonely stalking the dark streets of Arkham? HAVE A DOG

The Core Set is £36.99 and includes enough parts for up to two players to chose from 5 adventurers and play through the first full campaign:

After you are finished with the core campaign you can move on to an expansion story; these begin as a large expansion that comes with 5 additional characters to choose from and 2 chapters of the adventure, then you can add chapters to the story – assuming you survive…!

Shop Dog Lewis Cairns has this to say about the game:

My experience with this game has been incredible. Having bought the Core Set last week, I called my friends to organise the first mission. Within a few hours we were seated around a table, decks built and ready to battle the evil that we were told plagued Arkham.

The first mission, beginning as quite a quiet, introductory affair, soon spiralled into all out Lovecraftian madness, with…well. This is a spoiler free article, but lets just say that the first mission has A LOT of impact over the following missions of the campaign. Depending on your play style, the mission can go perfectly well, with a cautious, yet heroic ending granted to your team. Yet, there also exists an ending where everything can be in jeopardy for the coming missions. Therein lies the beauty of Arkham Horror, each mission has a completely unique and custom ending, with multiple possibilities and outcomes, meaning that characters can die, be driven insane, fail tests, pass tests, kill enemies and even kill each other!

Arkham Horror: The LCG is a fantastic game that I shall be playing for the foreseeable future, and should my team succeed (or perish!) then I shall begin the campaign again with new characters, because the narrative is so deep, so pure that it enables an entirely different experience to be had each time you run a campaign.
Welcome back Lovecraft, your mythos is in safe hands with Fantasy Flight Games.