So it’s been a while….

…In fact it’s been a year to the day since the last news post! Sorry about that. I’m going to say its because we’ve been so busy that I’ve not had time and nothing to do with loosing the password to the admin site…

What’s happened in Big Dog Books in the last year then? Well probably the biggest thing is the changing of the Shop Dogs! Last year Lewis was just getting started with us and the rest of the team was Andy, Xander, and I. Now Xander has moved on to pastures new, Lewis joined the team permanently and Louise has come on board! Andy and I are still here arguing about DC vs Marvel 😉

Anyway, it’s our birthday again and something I really want to get done properly as we move into our 4th (!) year of Big Dog Books is regular posting so look out for an entry a week every Tuesday on the site from now on!