Return to Dominaria!

Shop Dog Lewis has been playing a LOT of the new Magic: The Gathering release Dominaria – here’s his thoughts on the set so far…

So, there’s a game we play in store called Magic: The Gathering. It’s a small, clandestine little game with a sleeper fanbase, that many find to be an enjoyable way to spend twenty minutes…

All jokes aside, things just got serious in Magic recently, with old faces returning and new legends being born. Today, I would like to write about Dominaria, an old land where myths walk, and death stalks the shadows.
This set features a plethora of creature types, including Merfolk, Leviathans, Knights, Clerics, Wizards, Demons, Planeswalkers, Orcs, Cyclopses, Goblins, Elementals, Dragons, Giants and my personal favourite…fungus!

The world, rich with imagination, shines as a fantasy staple – a land where the fields are green, the trees are high, and the cities are majestic. Knights roam the land, ensuring the good deeds be done and that the forces of evil can never again gain a foothold in the land of Dominaria. Yet all is not well, as the nefarious evil-doer and all round awesome character, Nicol Bolas (Fresh from kicking the Gatewatch into a new realm in Hour of Devastation) brings his schemes and plots to the realm.

Even worse! The ancient demon Belzenlok attempts to prove that he isn’t just a cool name and REALLY cool card art, when he attempts to defeat Lilliana Vess by resurrecting a shadowy character from her past….
But that’s old news for Magic players, every land, from Kaladesh to Zendikar, Amonkhet to Ixalan, has death ‘stalking the shadows’, for goodness sake, even Kaladesh, the worlds happiest disco-circus had murderers lurking in the dark! So, what is new in Dominaria?

Well…turns out…a lot! This set introduces a whole bunch of interesting new things that range from an exciting new border on legendary creatures (Ohhhh, fancy!) to incredibly potent LEGENDARY SORCERIES!


If you’re anything like me then the potential shenanigans that the term ‘Legendary Sorcery’ implies has your evil, deck-building mind going wild thinking of all the multi-turn ludicrousness that could follow! Yes that’s right…these spells cast multiple times….on multiple turns…..

Even still the surprises continue! Dominaria also reintroduces Legendary Artifacts which are like if you combined Sol Ring with a whole heap of steroids…
Seriously…. just google Mox Amber

So, get yourself down to Big Dog Books and get caught up in the Dominaria madness! Because in Dominaria, you never know what’s around the corner…..
It could be a Mox Amber!

…or a fungus

Lewis Cairns