Unison Warrior: Vicious Rejuvenation Booster Box



With this release, the Shadow Dragons who have been gathering since Set 1 -Rise of the Unison Warrior- have now assembled. The long-awaited Omega Shenron makes his first appearance here, heralding the completion of the Shadow Dragon deck!

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Booster Contents:

  • 1 Booster Pack contains 12 cards each
  • 1 Box contains 24 Booster Packs
  • 1 Box contains 1 Revival Pac

Set Contents:

  • 292 Types
  • Common (normal/holo) x60
  • Uncommon (normal/holo) x38
  • Rare (normal/holo) x30
  • Super Rare x23
  • Special Rare x10
  • Secret Rare x3


See the Set Trailer!