Writer-in-residence Lewis is back again this week with a call to arms in support of Pokémon!

So, if you are as old as me, you’ll remember the thrill of catching your first 2D Pokémon. I still remember the days of playing the black and white Gameboy, watching with joy as my Pokémon Blue cartridge slowly loaded up. Times were simpler back then…

But at some stage…the thrill seemed to leave us. For me it was just after Pokémon Gold. My stack of Pokémon cards gave an audible groan when I tossed the completed game aside and never looked at it again, and time saw me take down those many Pokémon posters…

Yet, in recent months, something wonderful has happened. Pokémon and I have reconciled. Since Netflix brought Pokémon Sun and Moon (The hyper colourful, super fun tv series) to our screens I have been hooked once more, and the universe of Pokémon has never been more awesome.

Back in my day there existed a handful of Pokémon, all of them ferocious (How angry does Hitmonlee look?!) and funky looking, with many of their unique designs living long in my memory. Yet gone are the days where I could recount every name of every Pokémon…as there are now over 600 of the little devils…

Imagine my joy, then, when I found that the originals are still treated as some of the fan favourites! Charizard is there, front and centre in Sun and Moon, Episode One, and recently featured as a rare GX card in the set Burning Shadows! (Available in store for the price of £3.95 a pack!!)

I have once again fallen for the charm and quirk of Pokémon, and I find that there exists a thriving and blooming fanbase here within store!

I would urge everyone who, like me, played Pokémon in their early years, to try Pokémon once again, as it has never lost the colour and spirit that it boasted in the Nineties, indeed…If you pay close attention to the cards, you will find that they are littered with references to the original series!

Card games tend to either thrive, or die, and it speaks volumes that now, after 22 years of success, the TCG is thriving. Here in Big Dog Books, we have weekly Pokémon card tournaments with a £5 entry. These tournaments allow a player, of any age, to enter their deck and challenge some of the best Pokémon TCG players Perth has to offer!

If deck building isn’t your strong suit then every Shop Dog is more than happy to talk you through the basics!

So, come on down and give Pokémon that second (or first!) chance that it truly deserves!

Lewis Cairns