This event has been rescheduled to the 28th of March


What is it?

On Saturday 29th of February we’re hosting another one of our wild and wacky Murder Mystery Evenings where even we don’t know whodunnit!

Pick a character and come in costume; at the start of the night one player is randomly chosen as The Murderer and them over three rounds of exposition and questioning the group has to work out who is the real killer while the actual murderer tries to pin the crime on someone else!


The Plot:

The USS Undertaking is the flagship of Space Corps; on board tonight are delegations representing Earth, the Spiders from Mars, and the Pirate Fleets meeting for peace accords after the Wars of Embarrassment – but one of the Ambassadors hasn’t made the friends they thought they had and is in for a nasty surprise…


The Cast:

Captain Space – Defender of Earth!

ICUP – Janitorial Droid

Ix’thanaximum’ignbragoullafannanallenek [Ian for short] – Spider Ambassador from Mars

Ambiguous – A roaming, self-aware AI

Dave – Junior Space Cadet

AnnEE-May – Captain of the Space Pirate fleet

Doctor What – Mysterious Traveller

Elvis Presley – 20th Century Entertainer, transported through time by Space Cows

Marshall Tuesday – President of Earth

Honest” Larry Mudd – Used Spaceship Salesperson

Illuminati – Energy Being from a Distant Galaxy

Professor Farenough – Mad Scientist

Eval Twyn – Evil Terran from the Mirror Universe TM

T’Ipple – Logical avian from the planet Toucan


The Night

It’s £20 entry, and for that you get to take part in the event and we’ll supply buffet food and drinks all evening – as there is alchohol at the event it’s restricted to over 18s only.


More details available here.