All this month we’re celebrating LGBT culture in comics as part of LGBT History Month! Today we’re showcasing the work of artist Luciano Vecchio.


Luciano Vecchio is an gay Argentinian artist who lives in Buenos Aires. He has worked for both DC and Marvel where he has primarily worked on books aimed at the younger audience and for webcomic series under the DC Chapter Comics and Marvel Infinite Comics labels. He also worked on the first volume of Ironheart for Marvel and will begin as the artist on Champions starting in April 2021.

Vecchio cites reading early George Perez’s Wonder Woman comics as his lead into comics and also for setting him on the path of wanting to be an artist, he also took inspiration from Phil Jimenez and Grant Morrison both of who we are profiling later in this series.

Vecchio’s art style is highly stylised, with a punchy, kinetic style that suits the types of characters and stories he specialises in exceptionally well. His superhero art tends towards the same art-deco 50s inspired styles that are reminiscent of work by Bruce Timm and Darwyn Cooke, but Vecchio adds his own focus on LGBT themes into the mix to produce powerful yet flamboyant images that are bold without veering into pantomime camp. He has described himself as a “works from the gut” style artist and with a profile rising across the industry we’re hoping to see a lot more from this talented man in the future.

Notable Works

Marvel’s Voices: Assemble!

Marvel’s Voices is a podcast that showcases diverse creators working on Marvel comics and discusses their work and influences. In 2020 a semi-regular comic series started to be produced alongside the podcast which allowed these creators to tell stories using specific characters in a culturally appropriate setting. In the first volume of the book Vecchio not only had an artist credit but also got to write a one-page story about Wiccan & Hulking working with other LGBT heroes from around the Marvel universe to set up their first Pride event.


When RiRi Williams took over from Tony Stark and become Ironheart she starred in critically acclaimed short-run solo series at Marvel. This was Vecchio’s first regular internals work for marvel and his art frequently cited among the critical praise as the highlight of the series.

DC Super Heroes

DC Super Heroes is a range of children’s books produced by Capstone Global Library staring classic and modern DC heroes and villains. They are short, colourful books aimed at very young readers and are perfectly in line with Vecchio’s bright and Saturday-morning cartoon art style.


Sereno was a webcomic that Vecchio worked on from 2014-2018, but it has been on hiatus since he started working at Marvel more regularly. The comic is Spanish-language superhero tale staring a queer hero who uses his light-based power to defend Hyper City from the forces of Darkness. The book was released physically in Spanish and is available in English via Comixology.

Secuencia Disidente

Secuencia Disidente is an digital archive that Vecchio set up in order to preserve and promote the historic work of LGBT artists from Argentina. The initial archive has now expanded to showcase the ongoing art from modern LGBT artists and can be found on Facebook and Instagram.



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