All this month we are showing casing LGBT culture in comics as part of LGBT History Month. Today we’re looking at Bloom by Kevin Panetta and Savanna Ganucheau.




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With so many people having turned to baking in the pandemic, it seems a good time to include a book about love in a bakery on our LGBT list!

Ari is a young man just out of school who’s looking to move to the big city after summer with his band and pursue a music career. He’s part of a family of bakers though and worries about leaving his family without help… He searches for a replacement and meets Hector, a young man with a talent for baking who’s looking for some direction in life. Soon its more than bread that’s blooming as a tender love story blossoms between the two young men. Painted in muted blues the evoke the seaside setting and dreamy memories, this is a beautiful and heartfelt tale of first loves, family, and coming of age.

The main story of the book is expertly structured that gives plenty of space to develop the romance between the two characters in a way that feels loving and natural while also dealing with a situation common to young gay men entering the dating field for the first time – how do you handle things when one partner is out and proud and the other is still in the closet?

A touching read and well worth an inclusion on a summer reading list.

Click here for a Q&A with the creators at The Mary Sue.


Kevin Panetta

Kevin Panetta is an American writer and comic author bet known for his Dark Horse series Zodiac Starforce and for his writing on the cartoons Steven Universe, Regular Show, and Bravest Warriors. You can find his website here.


Savanna Ganucheau

Savanna Ganucheau is the sister of Paulina Ganucheau who illustrated Zodiac Starforce with Panetta. Savanna is a colourist and illustrator who has worked on Invader Zim. You can find her website here.