All through February there will be histories, creator profiles, character studies, and book spotlights going up on the website and shared through out social media in celebration of LGBT History Month!

Here’s what’s coming up:



Day Date Article Type
Mon 01-Feb The Comics Code Authority History Post
Tue 02-Feb Wiccan & Hulkling Character File
Wed 03-Feb On a Sunbeam Book Spotlight
Thu 04-Feb James Tynion IV Creator Profile
Fri 05-Feb X-Factor (2020) Book Spotlight
Sat 06-Feb Noelle Stevenson Creator Profile
Sun 07-Feb Monsieur Mallah & The Brain Character File
Mon 08-Feb The 1990s History Post
Tue 09-Feb Kevin Keller Character File
Wed 10-Feb Gender Queer: A Memoir Book Spotlight
Thu 11-Feb Vita Alya Creator Profile
Fri 12-Feb Bloom Book Spotlight
Sat 13-Feb Luciano Vecchio Creator Profile
Sun 14-Feb Jackson Hyde Character File
Mon 15-Feb The 2000s History Post
Tue 16-Feb Iceman Character File
Wed 17-Feb ComicsGate Special Comment
Thu 18-Feb Phil Jimenez Creator Profile
Fri 19-Feb Fun Home Book Spotlight
Sat 20-Feb Grant Morrison Creator Profile
Sun 21-Feb Mystique & Destiny Character File
Mon 22-Feb Prizefighter Character File