Ixalan Store Championships

Planeswalkers Battle to be Champion of Ixalan!

Stuart Kane

The Ixalan season for Magic: The Gathering came to a close here at Big Dog Books on Wednesday 27th of December with the Ixalan Store Championships that saw Adam Henderson pilot his homebrew deck “Temurheeli” to the top spot.


Adam’s deck is based on using efficient energy producers to fuel a package of removal spells to control the board then beating down with hyper-efficient creatures. The Planeswalkers allow his deck to create multiples


Here’s the breakdown of Adam’s winning deck:


Creatures Spells Planeswalkers



For his win, Adam took home the Store Champion Playmat:

All of the Top-8 players got a unique deck box filled with goodies:

Everyone who took part got this gloriously shiny dinosaur too:

Join us in January for the launch of Rivals of Ixalan and the start of the next standard season!

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