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So, you want to try a Role Play Game?

Role playing games are a fantastic way to get spend time with friends and let your imagination go wild!

The basic of RPG’s is to create a character that you take can through scenarios, worlds, and challenges. RPG’s have become popular again with adaptions from every genre of media you can think of! If you can think of it, it’s probably an RPG or it could be made into one!

There are several ways that you can get involved with RPG’s in Big Dog Books:

If you are too shy to jump into an existing group you can look up podcasts – Big Dogs has its own podcast called the Paw’d Cast which is devoted to role play games – or YouTube videos. There is loads of RPG content online that’s based in the UK so you can get up to date information locally! Once you find something you like; come and see what we have. Big Dog Books is well-stocked with RPG book and campaign materials, and we can order in pretty much anything you need.

If you are feeling ready to jump into a group, that’s great! You can start off by looking into events listing and you’ll see all the games we have on offer there! The most popular game by far is Dungeons & Dragons and we have drop-in sessions and long-form campaigns running for that game every Thursday evening.

Don’t worry about all the kit! You don’t need every book to start, 30 sets of dice and all the trimmings to play an RPG game – we’ll help you out to get you started and the real things you’ll need will be your own dice and a willingness to take part 🙂

Everyone has a skill set; everyone is learning and everyone is here to have fun! Including your games master! If you get into a group or try a game you don’t 100% click with it then you can always try another; that’s the wonders of RPG’s – they are limitless!

You can keep up to date with RPG activity through our dedicated Facebook Group Big Dog Dice – we hope to hear all about your brave adventures soon!