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How to get started with the Pokemon Trading Card Game

So, you’re looking to get yourself into the Pokemon Trading Card Game? Well you’ve come at the right time as Pokemon has never been so popular, especially here at Big Dog Books! The Pokemon TCG is a two-player card game where each opponent uses Pokemon & Trainers Cards to knock out each other’s Pokemon. This is done over a series of turn until one side has taken 6 prizes cards.

you can also To do this both players will need a 60-card deck that contains a mix of Pokemon, Trainer & Energy Cards. If players don’t have a good mix of these cards, they will be playing the game very difficult.

Pokemon TCG is ideal for any young fan of the franchise and shows kids the importance of reading and maths as adding and subtracting are apart of the game.


To get started in the Pokemon TCG we recommend purchasing a starter deck that contains the following

  • Sixty Pokemon Card Deck
  • One Card Checklist
  • One Metallic Coin
  • Two Player Playmat & rule sheet
  • One code card to play this deck online
  • One quick guide to unlock the strategies within
  • One Set of Damage counters

These decks can be purchased here at the shop.

With this you have everything you need to play The Pokemon Card Game with friends and others here at the shop.

We also offer free tutorials for anyone wanting to learn how the game works and we run these sessions between 12pm – 2pm before our weekly Pokemon tournaments start every Sunday. We have two 60 card decks ready to, go to show you the rules and mechanics of the games.

That’s everything you need to know about starting your journey to be a Pokemon master!

Once you have an understand how the game works recommend coming to our weekly Pokemon League which you can learn all about by following this link.

You can also join in through our dedicated Facebook Group Big Dog Books Pokemon.

Any questions please let us know.