Getting Started with Dragon Ball Super: The Card Game

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game is a new game we have been supporting here and we are extremely happy with the community we have built so far. The DBSCG is ideal for anyone who is a fan of the franchise or anyone who enjoys 2 player games cards. Mechanically DBSCG is very different from other card games and a common misconception is that you must be a fan of Dragon Ball to enjoy the card game which just isn’t true as many of our players just enjoy the game play.

The game itself involves two players each picking a character from the show as their leader and using a 50 deck to reduce your opponent’s life from 8 – 0. This is achieved by playing different characters (Battle Cards) & powering them up to fight your opponent’s cards.

Wow Mr that sounds amazing!! How do I get involved? 

Good question Timmy!!

To get started with the DBSCG we recommend you purchase a Starter Deck that are we have in stock now. These decks are ready to play right out of the box and either come as a beginner or expert level, so whether you’ve been playing trading card games for awhile or fancy getting started with DBSCG as your first game these decks are ideal for players new and old.


Big Dog Books also sells boosters packs of the latest DBSCG expansions which will help you improve and upgrade your deck

Once you’ve purchased an  intro we recommend coming to the shop for a few games which take place every second Sunday (Events are on Facebook) and play a few games with folks in our community and once you understand how your deck works you can enter one of our tournaments.

  • Causal Play takes place between 4 – 6 every other Sunday
  • Tournaments take place between 6 – 9 on the same Sundays as Causal Play

If your looking for any help with the card game or looking for a tutorial, please speak to Andy as he’s our resident Dragon Baller and also check out Big Dog Decks our dedicated Facebook Group for Dragon Ball and other competitive card games!