Coronavirus Update


Hi folks, we’ve been having a long think about what is best to do concerning transmission risks and other behaviours that involve large numbers at the shop. The official word for now is that we don’t need to halt activities at our level, however we’re looking at small changes we can make now that will help both our communities and our team during this period:


  1. Pokémon Sundays are high on our vigilance list – at present there’s no requirement to cancel these but as our very youngest customers come to these events, we will be extra vigilant in maintaining the environment during these sessions. For the foreseeable future if you are coming in to play Pokémon then please bring your deck and any essential cards, but leave your trade folders, binders, and other card collections at home – anything that can be done to minimise the risk of transmission to the little ones is important.


  1. D&D Thursdays are our busiest night of the week in terms of numbers and they involve upwards of 20 people being in extreme proximity for 2-4 hours. With that we’re asking customers who are coming in for D&D to be extra aware of their own health and hygiene, if you have coughs/sneezes/other respiratory conditions to maybe avoid it for the mean time or make sure at least that you take appropriate precautions and are extra vigilant with your personal hygiene. Also, we will be knocking 15mins off the time slot of all D&D groups to allow us to sanitise the tables between groups.


  1. Hand towels – a few months ago we moved away from using disposable hand towels to cotton reusable towels in the bathroom as part of an environmental drive; we’ll be going back to paper towels in the short term to reduce the infection risk from the reusable towels. Customers are asked to use these appropriately and to use a paper towel when touching the toilet handle and taps.


  1. Cash – viral transmission via coins is a particular risk in retail with small change passing between many different people in a single day. With that we would encourage all customers to use digital payments where possible, cards, contactless, and mobile payments are all much safer ways of spending money!