Coronavirus – Further Update

Coronavirus – Further Update


In response to further guidance from the government that all unnecessary social contact should be restricted, and social venues avoided, we have had to take a further look about how we are going to run Big Dog Books.


We are a community business. You make us what we are and we have a duty of care to you. We want to make sure that we aren’t putting anyone – customers or staff – at any undue risk; but we also have to stay solvent and look at what we can do to keep the business running during this time. Therefore, and until further notice, Big Dog Books is going to be exclusively retail based and we will not be running events within the shop.


Comics & Subscriptions

As long as our suppliers keep delivering to us, we’ll still have the latest comics in and subscriptions prepared on Wednesdays. We will arrange to post out comics if you cannot travel into the shop; please get in contact if you want to arrange this service.


Role Play Groups, Meet-Ups & Group Nights

All RPG groups are cancelled until further notice, this covers all shop-run campaigns and all privately booked groups. Board Game Tuesdays, Bark Club, Dames & Games and Junior Dungeoneers are all also off until further notice.


Organised Play Events for Magic, Pokémon, and Dragon Ball

Tuesday Night Dragon Ball, FNM, Saturday Showdown, and all Pokémon League events are suspended until further notice. Fixtures already in the diary such as League Challenges, sealed events and other tournaments will be rescheduled as possible. Please see Big Dog Decks or Big Dog Books Pokémon on Facebook for ongoing details. Customers can buy draft product and run events privately if they wish to do so.


Shop Operations

We recently extended opening hours to 10pm during the week to accommodate social activities and will now roll that back to 8pm while these measures are in place. In addition, we have been opening early on Saturday mornings and will pull that back in also. In order to make sure that the health of staff is protected and that they are still able to work we will be operating a single-staff member rota each day.


Big Dog Books 2

Recently we announced plans to expand into Big Dog Books 2 in Dundee; we are still working on making this happen but like other social businesses we are taking action because we believe it is the best thing for the community – and that these actions will ensure we keep us going enough to open the second shop in the summer. Applications for the job at Big Dog Books Perth should still be sent in – we’re still planning on needing you!


This is a difficult time for all of us, and it’s a really hard time to be a small business. We thank you for your continued support and please know that we’re doing everything we can to help you so your continued support of us is – as always – greatly appreciated



Stuart, Andy, & Louise xx