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Our bi-weekly ladies social event at Big Dog Books, Dames & Games!

We select several games, which can vary from board games, card games or role-playing games. Let us know what you’d like to see!

The games nights are on the first Tuesday of each month (6pm to 8pm) and the last Saturday of each month (4pm to 6pm). We know Saturdays can be a busy social night and if you’ve got kids getting the care isn’t easy so we’ve chosen an earlier slot for our Saturday events so you have the night free!

Both events nights we’ll play the same game selection. So, if you can only make one night you’re not missing out, or if you love the game you can play it again!

Entry is £5 with a selection of beverage of your choice. We have a private Dames & Games group if you’d like to chat about the games, help pick or just chat about your related interests it’s there!

You don’t need to make every night, you can come to them all! This is an event to enjoy and we’d love to see you if you are interested!

Find out more at our Facebook Group!