Comic News Roundup!

Solicitations are in for March’ single issues so all you subscribers out there can expect your scheduled deliveries through the month!

There are big changes coming in the major houses over the coming months so here’s the info you need to know:

DC Comics

  • Doomsday Clock is currently experiencing significant delays, so much so that March and April’s issues have been put back and the comic is going bi-monthly from May – seems the curse that struck the original Watchmen is affecting this publication too…
  • The crazy ride that is Dark Knights: Metal is drawing to a close in February and will be republished as three limited edition Hardback foil-stamped graphic novels in June; Dark Knights: Metal will cover issues #1-6, Dark Knight: The Nightmare Batmen will have all of the Evil Batman one-shots plus The Wild Hunt and The Batman Who Laughs, and finally Dark Knights: Resistance will cover the Gotham Resistance and Justice League crossover stories as well as Hawkman Found – each book is £26.99 but you can preorder the full set for £75 in the shop
  • The New Age of DC Heroes continues with the launches of The Terrifics, Silencer, Damage, Sideways, The Unexpected, The Immortal Men, The Challengers of the Unknown, and The Curse of Brimstone (phew!!) all springing out of the end of Dark Knights: Metal
  • Trinity is ending with issue #22
  • Some changes to creative teams as Batman, Nightwing, and Green Arrow all get new teams on board
  • Action Comics #1000 is coming soon! Action Comics is the longest running comic at DC – and quite possibly ever – and will reach this incredible milestone in the Spring, the issue itself is going to be a prestige format extra-sized special print with 8 variant covers each showcasing the main Superman look from each decade of publication, the book will retail at £8,99


  • With Brian Michael Bendis moving to DC, Dan Slott is winding up his long-running work on Spider-Man with issue #801 and moving over to Iron Man
  • Its not just writers that Marvel is saying goodbye to as a number of X-Men and Inhumans related titles are officially cancelled: Secret Warriors, Jean Grey, Iceman, America, Generation X, Hawkeye, Gwenpool, She-Hulk among the recent ones to go; Champions has not been cancelled but is getting a creative overhaul
  • Replacing these books, X-Men Red starts in March with the resurrected Jean Grey taking the lead, Weapon H – which sees a Hulk/Wolverine hybrid loose and causing mayhem, and the original Wolverine returning – not to mention all the Infinity War 2 stuff that’s coming down the line!
  • The saddest news of all is that time has finally caught up with The Mighty Thor as the Death of Thor storyline draws to a close and so does the book for Jane Foster who has wielded the hammer since 2014