Calling All Trainers!

Welcome to the Pokémon Centre!

After months of speaking with Pokémon and having active Pokémon players in the shop we are really happy to announce that we will be running fully sanctioned events from the 6th of May! This is great news and a huge win for our community, but it does change how we have to run things here.

To take part in tournaments now all trainers need to be registered with Pokémon and you can do that below:

Once registered please head over to our Big Dog Books Pokémon Group and let us know your player ID!

Sunday is Pokémon Day here at Big Dog Books, every week we hold the following events

  • 12pm – 2pm: Beginners tutorials and casual meet ups
  • 2pm – 6pm: Constructed tournament; £5 entry with all players getting a Pokémon Booster and additional prixes for the winners

Shop Dog Andrew Laurie has this to say about Pokémon

Lewis & I – the Sunday Team at Big Dog Books – are really wanting to make The Pokémon TCG into something special here at the shop and are looking forward to all the new events we’ll be able to host!

I personally want to thank all the players who’ve come here and who actively support us as we wouldn’t be able to do these things without your help. Pokémon started with myself and Stuart (The Big Dog) buying intro decks as we were Pokémon fans and now it’s turned into one of my favourite games! So from the whole Big Dog Books team – thank you for your support!!

The Pokémon Guy
(A dad once yelled this at me at The Venue)