Big Dog Books Turns 2!!

Sunday 1st of July was our 2nd birthday!

Last Year

It’s hard to believe we’ve been here with you for two whole years now; here are some highlights from the great things we’ve done together in this last year:

  • Our role play groups have grown from a session or two a week to taking up most of our time with 5 different games running regularly throughout the week
  • The book club has become the highlight of the month with all sorts of great debates going on across the group and participants sharing their insights
  • Growing out of the Book Club we started the Cinema club arranging nights out to watch and discuss comicbook movies
  • Pokémon Sundays have become huge and are a big part of a lot of kids weekends now
  • Launching the Junior Dungeoneers group to get younger kids working together in D&D
  • Community events like Free Comic Book Day, Free RPG Day, charity days, talks and presentations, have really brought people together

Looking Ahead

We’ve been able to do all of this good stuff and more because of your continued support. Going into our third year here’s some of the things that are coming up for you!

Talking ALOT more about Comics

We love comics here at Big Dog Books – its the main thing we do, but now you’re going to hear a lot more from us on the subject! We’ll be sharing the solicitations announcements with you much more regularly so you know what’s coming up, and you’ll see a lot more content on our Facebook page and here on the webpage about what’s happening across all your favourite titles!

Focus on Cooperative Play

Competitive games are fun, but there are already so many was to engage in that sort of activity through consoles and other avenues that we’re looking to provide a different experience. We’re going to increase our focus on Cooperative games so that people can have the chance to work, learn, and grow together rather than doing things in isolation

Grown-up games nights

Lookout for the launch of Serious Fun – a regular board game night aimed at adults where time and space is set aside to try out some of the deeper and more involved board games that we don’t normally get to demo during the day. We want to provide opportunities for our adults community to make new friends and try new things just as we do for our younger audience so these nights will be geared towards that audience.

Wider range of Role Play Games

Dungeons & Dragons is popular, but its definitely not all there is in tabletop gaming – we already run Call of Cthulhu too but you’ll see the range explode next year as we bring on Shadowrun, Kids on Bikes, Vampire, and all sorts of other great games to get into

We’re really looking forward to being part  of your community for another year – thanks again for all you’ve done for us.