The War is over… for now

The Last War ended two years ago with the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold and the establishment of the twelve recognised nations and a tenuous peace. The conflicts , the anger, and the pain of the long war remain however, and the new nations seek every advantage as they prepare for the next war to break out on the continent…

Join the Adventures League!

Starting in January we’ll be kicking running the Eberron Oracle of War Adventure League for Dungeons & Dragons. Adventure League is a drop in / drop out campaign system; every month there will be a new chapter of the story, players can join in at any time, and you gain an automatic level at the end of each adventure. There will be two chances a month to play each chapter and the remaining sessions each month will be used for Salvage Operations that allow you and your party to go hunting big monsters for bigger loot!

Below are the dates that we’ll be running each chapter, get in touch if you want to come and join in because there are limited spaces on each one!

Pregenerated characters will be available for each adventure, though if you wish to build your own then they must comply with the Character Generation requirements of the Ebberon: Rising from the Last War handbook.




Spoils of War

The Night Land

16th January

23rd January

Voice in the Machine

6th February

13th February

Where the Dead Wait

5th March

12th March

The Third Protocol

2nd Apr

9th Apr

Fortunes of War

A Century of Ashes

7th May

14th May

The Last Word

4th June

11th June

Song of the Sky

2nd July

9th July

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