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We at Team Dog are there to make sure that you have a great time whether your in for some shopping or taking part in our various activities. We all work really hard to make sure that you have a good time here and we all have our different areas of interest and expertise to draw from!



I opened Big Dog Books in 2016 when I moved to Perth. I’ve always loved comics and board games and Big Dog Books is my chance to give a little back for all the comic shops and games places that were there for me when I was growing up. My biggest loves are DC Comics and anyone who’s been at our book club or one of our discussion nights knows I like to talk A LOT about them. From the Marvel side of the word I’m all about the X-Men, ever since the 90’s cartoon I’ve loved them and I’m a keen follower of their new run. When it comes to games I’m very into the Arkham Files series from Fantasy Flight- the Arkham Horror LCG is 100% my favourite card game. I’m also a keen role player and I run lots of different games through the shop: Call of Cthulhu, Invisible Sun, DC Universe, and Feng Shui are my go-to games.


I’m Louise! I’ve worked at Big Dog Books for over a year but I’ve been around since day one as a customer! I do a lot of the “aesthetic” practices in the shop, setting up displays, windows and taking pictures, which I adore! I’m involved with our regular ladies game events, Dames & Games. We a have a little private group for it too if you’d like to know more! I’ve loved comics since I was a wee kid. I read a lot of horror, heart warming stories and a splash of DC. I’ll read most anything though and I find our book club picks great for a monthly challenge! I’ve been playing role play games since the store opened, all sorts of variations and I the lead DM for Dungeons & Dragons for the shop. I love and play in our weekly board game nights as well. My top game picks are Mysterium, Arkham Horror and Betrayal of House on the Hill. I’ll never get bored of them! Lastly, my cats the best creature in existence and you should ask me about her. ♡ ♡ ♡


I’m Andrew and I’m Big Bog Books first and longest running member of staff. Currently positioned as Assistant Manager here at the shop I overlook everything to do with the physical space of the shop. Whether that being organising & scheduling events, researching and purchasing new and old products & making sure the shop looks its best. It’s my job to make sure the shop looks good and everything is properly up to date.

I’m usually involved in sorting and organising the comic subscription and running our card tournaments like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon TCG & Dragon Ball Super Card Game. I’ve always been a fan of comic books and in recent years have really enjoyed learning how to play the different card games we have here at the shop! These games are a great way to meet like minded people and I’m very happy to organise and schedule these events for our customers.